The week that was and the data for 04.11.2022

The week from April 4-10, 2022 closed with 1906 new cases or a 7-day average of 272 daily cases for the Philippines. None of the new cases were severe or critical. With the tremendous backlog of deaths, 428 deaths were added to the list.

Healthcare utilization was at very low risk. Surprisingly, even if the non-ICU bed utilization was at 16.4% (down from 16.7% the week prior), the ICU bed utilization is up at 18.4% (from 16.5% the week before). And this is a wonder, because according the Health Agency, there were ZERO CASES of severe or critical this week. Notice that last week, the ICU bed utilization was 492 beds (of 2990) but has increased to 542 (of 2951) beds. Severe and critical admissions the other week was 692, but is up at 707 this week (which does not really add up to the ICU bed utilized as well) and the data of the DoH that there are ZERO cases of severe or critical this week. Even if the severe and critical were carried over from last week, there was only ONE severe/critical COVID19 case the week prior. This method of reporting by the Health Agency is confusing and is exactly the kind of infographic that should be avoided as there is no continuity in data week on week.

Vaccination is a bit up but the individuals who availed of booster doses are down from more than 329,000 the week prior, to 322,000 this week (April 4-10).

The Health Agency announces 273 new cases with 8 added deaths today. More than 40% of today’s cases are from NCR.

Four LGUs in NCR reported double digit numbers. They are: Manila 17, Makati 16, Parañaque and Quezon City 14 apiece. The rest of the remaining LGUs reported single digits with Navotas having zero covid.

Outside of the NCR, the provinces/HUCs (highly urbanized cities) with double digits were: Cavite 28, Rizal 11, Cebu 12 (city 7, province 5), and Davao City 10

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