192 new cases with 83 from NCR on 06.08.2022

The Health Agency announces 192 new cases with no added deaths today. The NCR owned 43% of the cases for the day. Two LGUs in NCR had double digits – Quezon City 16 and Makati 12. While majority had single digit numbers, the cases are slightly higher in some of these LGUs than usual. For example, Muntinlupa has been reporting more than 5 cases (6 today) in the past couple of days. Mandaluyong also had 6 cases, as well as Parañaque. Only one LGU had zero covid today – Pasay City.

Outside of NCR, no province or HUC had double digits. However, those that saw increase cases were: Pangasinan 9 and Davao City 5.

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