The week in review and the data for 06.13.2022

The Health Agency announces the 7-day summary of cases for the week of June 6-12, 2022. New cases this week stand at 1,682 (7-day average of 240 cases/day) compared to 1,295 cases reported the week prior or May 30 – June 5, 2022 or a jump of more than 30% in number of cases. There were 8 additional severe and critical cases this week (which comprised only 0.48% of the total cases) compared to 16 additional cases last week (1.24% of the total cases). Of the five deaths announced this week, 2 were recent (occurring from May 30 – June 12).

Hospital utilization in the country remained at a low of 20.3% for non-ICU bed utilization, but is up from last week’s 18.1%. ICU bed utilization this past week was at 16.6%, also up from 14.7% the week before last. However, the total severe and critical admissions are now down to 498 compared to the 599 that were still severe and critical the week before this.

In terms of vaccination coverage, fully vaccinated is at 77.51% this week as there were a little more than 271,000 additional vaccinees for full vaccination classification. The A2 population coverage (senior citizens) is at 77.42% (from 77.33%).

A comparison on month on month number of COVID-19 cases for 2021 vs 2022 is provided below. The blue bars are for the year 2021 while the orange represents 2022. All data are extracted from the daily report of the Department of Health. Note that the worst year was 2021 as the Philippines had gone through alpha, beta, and delta variants of concern. Omicron came into the picture late December 2021, which accounted for the surge in January and February 2022. This surge was very limited and quick to decline. The number of COVID19 cases in December 2021 was only slightly lower than March 2022. The data for June 2022 isn’t complete yet and is up to June 12, 2022. With the slight bump up in cases, we may expect June to have slightly more cases than the month of May, and hopefully not exceed that of the month of April 2022. (Thank you Ching Rubio for providing the month on month data)

The Health Agency announces 386 new cases today, with no added deaths. The daily positivity rate is up at 2.2%. It’s been awhile since we tipped over the 2% mark.

The NCR accounts for almost half of the cases today. Six LGUs continue to report double digits as Quezon City dominated with 50 cases today. Quezon City alone accounted for 26.5% of the cases in Mega Manila. Others with double digits were: Manila 29, Makati 18, Parañaque 17, Pasig 14, Las Piñas 10. Three LGUs had zero covid today. They were: Malabon, Navotas and Pateros.

Outside of NCR, four provinces in CALABARZON report double digits. Rizal led with 26, followed by Cavite 18, and Laguna and Batangas with 10 each.

Iloilo had 10 cases (6 province, 4 city) and the only province with double digits outside of Luzon with double numbers today.

Other provinces with unusual bump up in cases included Cagayan and Pangasinan with 8 cases each.

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