The week in review and the data for 07.04.2022

The positivity rate continued to climb upwards as the PH saw a 60% rise in cases from the 7-day average for the week June 27-July 3, 2022 compared to June 20-26, 2022. For the past week, the Philippines recorded 7,368 new cases compared to the 4,634 cases seen the week of June 20-26. There were 19 cases categorized as severe and critical (which comprised only 0.26% of the new cases), while there were 74 added deaths (none of which occurred between June 20 – July 3, 2022 or considered as fresh).

The non-ICU bed utilization was at 4342 (of 21,791 beds used) for the week of June 27-July 3 compared to 4034 (of 22,252 bed used) during the previous week. This brings the non-ICU bed utilization slightly up at 19.9% compared to 18.1% the previous week. ICU bed utilization was 381 (of 2,487 beds) the past week compared to 391 (of 2,628 beds) the previous week. A tad up at 15.3% the past week versus 14.9% the week of June 20-26. There were less severe and critical admissions in spite of the higher number of cases this week, with 497 admissions compared to 591 the week of June 20-26.

Vaccine coverage is at 78.64%, up from a previous 78.17%, while the A2 population coverage is at 77.66% (from 77.48%). Individuals with booster/additional doses are very low as only a little more than 200,000 individuals took advantage of the booster doses available.

The Health Agency announces 1188 new cases with 10 additional deaths. The positivity rate begins this week at 7%. There are 557 cases today from NCR. Quezon City led with 134 cases. Eleven other LGUs in Mega Manila had double digits: Manila 86, Makati 65, Parañaque 55, Pasig 43, Taguig 33, Las Piñas 27, Mandaluyong 26, Pasay City 22, Marikina 18, Muntinlupa 15 and Caloocan 12.

Outside NCR, Cavite is the only province that reported triple digits with 104 cases. Other provinces and HUCs with double digits today were: Laguna 52, Rizal 58, Batangas 37, Quezon Province 10, Bulacan 25, Pampanga 35, Bataan 10, Iloilo 75, Negros Occidental 15, Aklan 16, Cebu 52, Cagayan Valley 10, Davao City 14, Pangasinan 13, and Baguio City 14.

Cagayan de Oro and Albay had 6 cases each today.

One thought on “The week in review and the data for 07.04.2022

  1. lordmychef July 4, 2022 / 9:50 pm

    I wonder why nobody seems to be bothered at all with this upward trends, Doc. Everywhere, people do not seem to care anymore about the virus with so many mega events in every town or city.


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