East Asia in review and the data for 10.23.2022

The Health Agency announces 1585 new cases with 37 added deaths and positivity rate of 13.6%. NCR owned 29.3% of the cases today with 465 cases.

Only Quezon City had triple digits in the nation with 115 cases and only 11 had double digit cases in Mega Manila. Those with double digits were: Manila 51, Makati and Taguig 42 each, Pasig 37, Caloocan 29, Parañaque 27, Marikina 24, Pasay City 22, Las Piñas 21, Mandaluyong and Muntinlupa 15 each.

Provinces with more than 50 but less than 100 cases were: Cavite 99, Rizal 62, Laguna 58, Bulacan 63, Iloilo 84, Davao del Sur 80.

Those provinces with higher cases today were: Sarangani 30 and Maguindanao with 17 cases.


Singapore took center stage the past two weeks as it saw rising cases (which are steadily declining) with Omicron XBB sub variant creating a noisy surge in the tiny nation south of the Philippines. While Taiwan had the most number of cases, Singapore and Hong Kong quickly overtook Japan and South Korea this week, to land in second and third spots in terms of number of cases per capita (per million population) among the East Asian nations.

The reproduction rate of Singapore is highest in the region at 1.23 (+/- 0.05), which would mean that they’re not going to see a quick decline in new cases yet. Most of the countries in East Asia will be seeing the same 7-day average number of cases (including the Philippines) as under reporting is an issue in developing countries. Note that it is impossible to have only and average of 1750 daily cases with a positivity rate of 15% and be precise about the numbers. A positivity rate of 15% means that for every 100 people tested, 15 will likely be positive. And with low testing using RT-PCR, many places are not capturing the magnitude of cases.

Notice also the discrepancy in cases to deaths ratio in the Philippines. The Philippines averages around 40 deaths a day, with around 2000 daily new cases, this would put the daily mortality rate at 2%. One of the highest in the region.

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