Positivity rate continues to climb at 11.4% on 11.23.2022

While the number of cases reported by the Health Agency is only at 703 today, the positivity rate climbed by more than 1% over a single day period to 11.4% (from a previous of 10.3% 7-day average). That’s because of very low testing (coming mostly from healthcare facilities) and reflecting how under reported the actual COVID19 cases are in the country. This means that of every 100 patients tested, 11 would be positive for COVID19.

NCR owned 167 (23.7%) of the day’s cases. Eight LGUs reported low double digits (<30). Quezon City 25, Parañaque 20, Manila 19, Pasig 16, Las Piñas and Marikina 14 each, Caloocan 12, and Makati 10.

In the provinces, Tarlac led the haul with 44 cases followed by Cavite and Cebu with 33 apiece and Iloilo at 30.

We should be trekking the quadruple digit tomorrow, if more RT-PCR tests are done. Mathematically, the number of daily cases are under reported by 20-25x.

One thought on “Positivity rate continues to climb at 11.4% on 11.23.2022

  1. lordmychef November 23, 2022 / 8:57 pm

    What does it mean, Doc? We are having a surge?
    I noticed many people moving around as if no more pandemic. I still keep my face masks and I am convinced it is the best way to manage this pandemic. I went to visit last month my sister; I kept my masks on except when we ate. that evening, she messaged me that her daughter who opened the door and gate for me tested positive that night for covid; we talked and I stayed there for an hour. I think I was spared from the virus because I had my mask.
    Thank you for continuing with this service, Doc… even if only a few of us still care to check on the pandemic situation.


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