The world in review and the data for 12.18.2022

The Health Agency announces, surprisingly a low Sunday with 973 new cases and 30 added deaths with a positive rate that drops a tad to 12.4%. Note also that the number of individuals tested yesterday was down to around 10,000. NCR continued to take the haul with 406 cases (42%) of the day.

This was led by Quezon City with raked in 94 new cases. The rest of the LGUs in NCR continued to have less than 50 cases: Manila 46, Pasig 45, Taguig 33, Parañaque 31, Las Piñas 25, Makati 23, Caloocan 20, Mandaluyong 19, Marikina 18, Pasay City 17 and Muntinlupa 14.

Provinces outside of NCR also posted less than 50 cases with only 3 provinces reporting more than 30 cases. They were: Cavite 46, Rizal 47, and Laguna 34.

THE GLOBAL DATA as of 11 December 2022 (DEC 14, ED 122, WHO PUBLICATION)

The number of new weekly cases remained stable, although is slightly up at +2% for the week of December 5-11, 2022. Number of new weekly deaths reported, however increased by over 10% versus the previous week with almost 10,000 deaths added.

At the regional level, number of cases continued to increase in the Western Pacific Region by 3% and the Region of the Americas by 27%. The number of newly reported weekly deaths increased in the African Region up by 975% (partly due to batch reporting from South Africa), the Region of the Americas by +37%, Eastern Mediterranean Region +81% and Western Pacific Region +5%.

At the country level, the highest number of new weekly cases were reported from Japan (almost 850,000 new cases or +13%), USA (almost 450,000 new cases, +50%), Republic of Korea (more than 420,000 cases, +13%), France (down by 5%) and Brazil (up by 3%).

Highest number of weekly deaths came from the USA (+62%), Japan (+28%), Brazil (-5%), France (+4%) and Italy (-29%).

Reiterating that the current trends are to be interpreted with caution as several countries have progressively changed COVID-19 testing strategies, resulting in lower numbers of tests performed and hence, lower number of cases detected. Prevalence surveys are highly underestimated versus the actual number of infections in the population.

Updated information on number and percentage SARS-CoV-2 sequences from June 1 to December 12, 2022 globally shows that the predominance of the Omicron sister-lineages and additional Omicron VOC descendant lineages under further monitoring. Currently, predominant lineages are: BQ.1 (33.89%), BA.5 (18.26%), BA.5 + 5 mutations (16.87%), BA.2.75 (7.21%), and XBB (3.77%). The rest are either unassigned, others or other Omicron lineage.

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