2691 new cases and NCR owned >50% of the cases on 09.24.2022

The Health Agency announces 2691 new cases with 29 added deaths and a positivity rate of 15.3% (unchanged from yesterday). However, NCR’s positivity rate is almost 18% as it registers 1354 of today’s cases.

Today’s haul was led by three region – NCR, Region IVA and Region III. These three regions alone made up 80% of the cases for the day.

While 16 of 17 LGUs in the National Capital Region reported double or triple digits, Quezon City took the haul with 340 cases today or almost 13% of the total reported cases in the country belonged to one LGU in Mega Manila alone. Other LGUs in NCR with triple digits were: Manila 160, Makati 105 and Taguig 100. Those that saw double digits were: Caloocan 89, Pasig 87, Marikina 78, Parañaque 74, Pasay City and Las Piñas 56, Mandaluyong 55, Muntinlupa 43, Valenzuela 37, Malabon 27, San Juan 26 and Navotas 13.

Provinces outside of NCR with triple digits were: Cavite 194, Rizal 165, Bulacan, and Laguna 109. Those with more than 50 but less than 100 cases were: Davao del Sur 82 ( with 48 from Davao City), Cebu 58 and Batangas 58.

2378 new cases with 15.3% positivity for 09.23.2022

The Health Agency announces 2378 new cases, 35 added deaths and 15.3% positivity today. NCR accounted for 43.1% of the cases today with 1026 cases.

Sixteen of 17 LGUs in NCR had double or triple digits, with Quezon City leading the haul with 238 cases followed by Manila with 118. Those with double digits were: Makati 93, Pasig 82, Taguig 69, Caloocan 68, Parañaque 67, Mandaluyong 51, Valenzuela and Las Piñas 45 each, Marikina 38, Pasay City 32, Muntinlupa 23, Malabon 21, San Juan 16 and Navotas 14.

Outside NCR, four provinces raked in triple digits: Rizal 159, Cavite 122, Tarlac 109 and Laguna 100.

Those with more than 50 but less than 100 cases were: Bulacan 98 and Pampanga.

Cases were mostly in Central Luzon, Southern Luzon and NCR with these three regions accounting for 75% of the total cases.

2702 new cases with ~50% of the cases from NCR on 09.22.2022

The Health Agency announces 2702 new cases with 38 added deaths and 14.9% positivity today. NCR continued to own the bulk of cases, with 1315 reported today.

There were 16 of 17 LGUs in NCR that had double or triple digits today. This was led by Quezon City with 289 cases. Manila came next with 164 and Pasig 129. Double digits came from Makati 94, Caloocan 93, Taguig 81, Mandaluyong 72, Parañaque 71, Valenzuela 65, Las Piñas 59, Pasay City 53, Marikina 48, Muntinlupa 35, Malabon 20, San Juan and Navotas 18 each.

Outside NCR, the provinces of Cavite (149), Rizal (147) and Bulacan (114) saw triple digits today.

Areas that saw more than 50 but less than 100 cases were: Laguna 86, Batangas 72, Pampanga 50, Cebu 52 and Davao del Sur 97 (with 38 coming from Davao City).

1886 new cases and 14.5% positivity on 09.21.2022

The Health Agency announces 1886 new cases with 37 added deaths and 14.5% positivity rate. NCR owned half of the cases for today.

NCR led with 931 cases. Two LGUs had triple digits: Quezon City 231 and Mandaluyong 129. Twelve LGUs had double digits: Caloocan 72, Makati 63, Pasig 62, Marikina 60, Las Piñas and Mandaluyong 50 each, Pasay City 44, Parañaque 40, Taguig 37, Muntinlupa 34, Valenzuela 22 and Malabon 17.

Outside NCR, Cavite led with 123 cases. The other province with triple digits was Rizal with 111 cases. Provinces with more than 50 but less than 100 cases were: Laguna 77, Bulacan 58 and Tarlac 56.

1600 new cases for the low Tuesday on 09.20.2022

The Health Agency announces 1600 new cases with 33 added deaths and 13.7% positivity rate. Of the cases on the low Tuesday, NCR owned 743 (46%) of the cases.

In NCR, two LGUs had triple digits – Quezon City 172 and Manila 109. Twelve LGUs reported double digits. These were: Caloocan 68, Pasig 50, Makati 48, Mandaluyong 42, Parañaque 35, Taguig and Valenzuela 33, Pasay City 32, Muntinlupa 31, Las Piñas 27, Marikina 25 and Malabon 20.

Outside NCR, only four provinces had more than 50 and less than 100 cases. They were: Cavite 97, Rizal 99, Laguna 52 and Bulacan 82.

Back to more than 3K cases with NCR owning 44% of the total on 09.19.2022 and the week in review

The week of September 12-18, 2022 saw only a slight decline in cases (-4%) compared to the week of September 5-11. The 14,707 cases from September 12-18 saw the Philippines draw a 7-day average of 2101 new daily cases (as severely under reported because testing was also down). Thee 248 new deaths during that week had 34 of them being recent or ‘fresh’ as these occurred between September 5-18.

Health care utilization was at 28.9% for non ICU beds and 24.1% for ICU beds. However, this data is a based on the over-all capacity of the hospitals in the country. Based on region, this will differ. For example, in the NCR, non-ICU bed utilization is at 42% (compared to the national utilization rate) and 28.34% for ICU beds (compared to the national utilization rate).

The Health Agency announces 3119 new cases with positivity of 13.1% and 38 added deaths. The NCR owned 1374 (44%) of the total cases.

Mega Manila saw 16 of 17 LGUs report double or triple digits. Five LGUs reported triple digits: Quezon City 314, Manila 170, Pasig 124, Taguig 114, Makati 106. Those with double digits were: Parañaque 88, Caloocan 72, Las Piñas 68, Mandaluyong 66, Marikina 59, Muntinlupa 47, Valenzuela 45, Pasay City 42, Malabon 23, Navotas 20 and San Juan 11.

Outside NCR, four provinces had triple digits. They were: Cavite 203, Rizal 161, Bulacan 121 and Tarlac 111.

Those with more than 50 but less than 100 cases were: Laguna 95, Batangas 87, Pampanga 55, Cebu 55, Davao del Sur 88 (with Davao City owning 29), and South Cotabato 62.

East Asia in review and the data for 09.18.2022

The Health Agency announces 2367 new cases with 13.2% positivity rate and 35 added deaths. NCR owned 1080 (46%) of the day’s cases.

All 17 LGUs in Mega Manila reported double or triple digits today. This was led by Quezon City with 221, Manila 135 and Taguig 122 cases. Double digits were reported by: Pasig 93, Makati 77, Caloocan 69, Parañaque 65, Mandaluyong 58, Las Piñas 56, Valenzuela 37, Pasay City and Muntinlupa with 30 each, Marikina 29, Malabon 16, San Juan 15, Navotas and Pateros with 12 each.

Provinces outside of NCR that had triple digits were: Cavite 146 and Rizal 114. Those with more than 50 but less than 100 cases were: Laguna 60, Bangs 50, Bulacan 78, and Davao del Sur 67 (Davao City owned 19).


The world in general is seeing less daily cases of COVID-19 (either unreported or under reported). Of those that remain reported, Asia accounts for 50-60% of the daily global cases with BA.5 and BA.4 triggering surges after surges as this part of the world remains the most conservative in the approach to mask mandates and reopening borders and economy. The global deaths from COVID-19, however, are at an all-time low since the pandemic began.

Which brings us to the data in East Asia this week, where most countries are seeing their numbers tumbling down. However, Taiwan and Hong Kong is on a re-uptick of cases as well as the Philippines and Vietnam, the latter two that are seeing a mild bump up in reproduction numbers and positivity rates.

Japan, South Korea and Taiwan continued to lead the region with 5-digit numbers, but in terms of per capita (cases per million population), Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea lead with 4-digits per million population.

Reproduction rates in the region are slightly up this week in most of the countries in East Asia. The Philippines for example has a Rt of 0.95 (+/- 0.05), up from 0.85 the week previous. The Rt needs to remain low and continue to decline for 4 consecutive weeks for the cases to go down. Unfortunately, it has not stabilized consistently as the National Capital Region drives the uptick in cases in the country. Mega Manila alone has a reproduction number up at 1.23 (+/- 0.05) compared to other provinces in the archipelago, that are seeing a decline in cases. Testing is also at an all time low in the country as only those tested with PCR are counted.

Japan’s borders have now formally opened, but tourists should still be coursed through a Japan travel agency for now. In South Korea, while the border is open, all tourists are mandated to take a RT-PCR test 24 hours upon arrival. In Taiwan, a cap on the total number of arrivals remains in place and inbound passengers are still required to follow current CECC regulations of three days of home quarantine and four days of self-initiated pandemic prevention. In Hong Kong, all inbound arrivals are required to undergo 3 days quarantine in a quarantine designated place (home, hotel or other accommodation) and self-monitoring in the 4th and subsequent nights. A negative PCR is required on the day of arrival or within 3 days prior to arrival in Hong Kong. All visitors need to take a rapid antigen test on the second day upon arrival and if the result of the RAT is negative, must undergo RT-PCR for confirmatory (a reason I cannot understand, unless the patient was positive from the get go, then just have an RT-PCR without having to do a RAT anymore). Other countries in East Asia have eased their borders and require only proof of vaccination for entry to the country.

NCR owned more than 53% of the cases for 09.17.2022

The Health Agency announced 2275 new cases with 13.2% positivity and 35 added deaths, as the epicenter, Mega Manila now owned more than 53% of the day’s cases with 1199.

While the rest of the country is mostly seeing lower cases, NCR continued to haul in the largest contribution to the daily cases as highest mobility and density in the region continued to be the major factor for the re-uptick in cases.

Quezon City led with 289 cases followed by Manila 177 and Makati 117. Eleven other LGUs reported double digits: Pasig 89, Caloocan 73, Mandaluyong 70, Taguig 67, Valenzuela 61, Parañaque 59, Pasay City 50, Las Piñas 40, Marikina 34, Muntinlupa 33 and San Juan 19.

Non-ICU occupancy in NCR is at 40% while ICU utilization is at 30% as of today (however, hospitalization, like death, are lagging data).

Three provinces reported triple digits: Cavite 130, Rizal 114 and Bulacan 101.

Two provinces had more than 50 but less than 100 cases: Davao del Sur 92 (with 46 from Davao City) and Laguna 51.

2619 new cases with NCR owning ~50% of the cases for 09.16.2022

The Health Agency announces 2619 new cases, with NCR contributing to 48% of the cases for the day with 1251 cases (and under reported at that). The positivity rate in the country is up at 13.3%, mainly driven by the high cases from the epicenter – Mega Manila.. There are 32 added deaths today.

Because of the increasing cases in Mega Manila, several contingent provinces to NCR are seeing triple digits, including Cavite 125, Rizal 139 and Bulacan 135. Laguna reported 81 cases today. The travel to AND from the epicenter of the pandemic is disturbing because NCR is also the only region that has the highest vaccination rate, including boosters. Back to normal or business as usual is driving the upsurge in cases again, and this is unavoidable because people need to put food and their table as the peso plunges to its lowest value closing at P57.38 to the greenback for the weekend. The stock exchange also continued to slide.

In NCR, sixteen of 17 LGUs report double or triple digits. Four LGUs that reported triple digits were: Quezon City 268, Manila 198, Makati 113 and Taguig 111. Twelve LGUs with double digit cases were: Caloocan 81, Pasig 71, Parañaque 60, Mandaluyong 57, Las Piñas 56, Muntinlupa 50, Marikina 41, Pasay City 40, Valenzuela 30, Malabon 24, San Juan 23 and Navotas 18. Only Pateros had single digit of 8 cases.

Outside of NCR and the other provinces, only Davao del Sur had 50 cases (with 23 coming from Davao City).

This pattern is not unusual as classes have begun and face to face learning at the time of Omicron BA.5 will remain as challenge if the schools do not innovate and craft a more desirable hybrid learning and improve their ventilation in the learning facilities.

2141 new cases with NCR owning ~50% on 09.15.2022

The epicenter of the Philippines – Mega Manila – continued to report higher cases than other regions in the country, owning almost 50% of the cases today.

The Health Agency announces 2141 new cases with 12.7% positivity rate and 31 added deaths.

NCR owned 1002 of the cases, with 16 of 17 LGUs reporting triple or double digits.

Quezon City took the lead with 210 cases and Manila followed with 158. Fourteen LGUs reported double digits: Makati 99, Pasig and Taguig 74 each, Parañaque 61, Pasay City 48, Caloocan 47, Las Piñas 43, Muntinlupa 37, Mandaluyong 36, Valenzuela 34, Marikina 33, San Juan 16, Navotas 12, and Pateros 11. Only Malabon had single digit today (7 cases).

Outside of NCR, Cavite is back with triple digits at 102. Only four provinces had more than 50 but less than 100 cases. They were: Rizal 97, Davao del Sur 87 (with Davao City owning 30), Bulacan 76 and Laguna 67.