The art of entitlement

Yes. There’s an art to this. More brownie points are earned the further you stuff your nose up the crack as possible. There. I’ve said what needs to be said.

I’ve dedicated a whole blog just for people who feel entitled. That’s correct. The operative words are – feel entitled.

Entitlement is a delusion built on self-centredness and laziness.

They’re essentially the flies on top of the carabao. Most, if not all of them, are basically incompetent. They have no purpose in life except to exist like the fly. What’s the purpose of the fly? None. Without the fly, there would be no story to tell. No comparison to make.

Entitled people are the reason for the rise of the incompetent (check out my blog the day before this).  They THINK they should be given the red carpet treatment. The only reason – because.

Despite their average IQs, they land posts in formidable positions or places, not because they deserve to or because they have rightfully earned it. Rather, they just know how the right connections and family tree, which buttons to push and how to play the game.  The major advantage they have in the game of life is that they are survivors.  And they’ve mastered the art of manipulation.

Lies are made to look like truths because the master is as clueless as an empty coconut.  They are adept at the art of propaganda and strategising on how to use the gullibility of the master to get what they want.  They are ambitious but ungrateful people.  Hypocrisy is the mantra to their daily existence.  They don’t like being told what to do or that they are wrong.  Self opinionated and evil in thoughts, their being inconsiderate is because they have no conscience.  And they enjoy the spotlight.

Entitled people lack integrity because their thoughts and actions are based on personal gains rather than on values.

The entitled feel that what you give them is never enough.  Even if you’ve given them everything they deserve.  One of the consequences of entitlement is that people who have contributed nothing to society feel that society owe them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence.

The other day, in the midst of all the silence at the library of the country club where I sometimes do some writing, a young man is overheard breaking that silence.  He took a call from his mom. I thought that he was just going to chit chat for a bit but after 5 minutes of yakking, I turned around and saw that he wasn’t planning to end that conversation anytime soon.  And that’s when I reminded him that there was supposed to be silence in the room, and could he please take the conversation elsewhere?  A few minutes passed, and there was silence again.  He stood up and approached me and sarcastically said, “sorry for the noise”.  Well, it was an apology, but you could tell that it was full of sarcasm.

Another one of those millennials feeling entitled.  Mind you, they are dependents of members of the club.  They don’t pay club dues or expenses.  And their membership is dependent on the status of their parents.  At 25 years old, they are not entitled to dependent privileges anymore.  And there are many like him.  Regardless of age. They justify their entitlement. Maybe the parents raised them that way.  Maybe society has praised them to the point where they feel the world owes them more than what they can churn.  Maybe because we tolerate the entitled.

We need to break down this class of entitled people.  Like the fly in the story, they serve no purpose in life. And if you’re one of the entitled people reading this post, there’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty.