The late Mr Juan de la Cruz #PetPeeveStories

I am a tickler for time. I cannot stand people who do not observe other people’s time. It is rude because it is a total disrespect for another person.

My friends and foreign colleagues would always ask me, are Filipinos always late? I’d blush, look at them in the eye, and bravely retort, “well I’m on time.”!

It’s not okay that we get branded as a race that’s known for being perennially late.

When you go on a date and have to wait for your date for 1-2 hrs, and you’re texting or calling like there’s no tomorrow because you’ve got it all planned out and the restaurant only accepts reservations, it’s anxious to figure out if she’s coming or not. Because she seems to be running soooo late you’ll end up having dinner at a drive through. Isn’t it such a bummer?

When you make an appointment with someone at 8am and he waltzingly comes past 11am just because he had something “urgent” to do is irritating. It’s not like this appointment was all about his day. You’ve made your day fit into his and it’s but proper that he keeps your appointment as your personal appointment with others will get affected as well. Perhaps you can let it pass if this was the first time, but it doesn’t seem to be that way after your 5th meeting.

Late is late. There is no good excuse for coming late when an agreed time had been set. Whether you’re a government agency or a visa processing center or a health clinic or a school or a spa – it is not good practice to be late. Always.

Rules are:

1. If you’re running late and it’s a valid reason, kindly inform the other person you’re meeting up with. Send a text. Make a call. Shoot an email. Let your secretary know so she can let the other party know.

Remember – the anatomy of disappointment are expectations!

2. Keep an appointment book. You can even jot down your appointments on your calendar in your phone and turn on the alarm reminder! If you don’t know how, ask your friend this feature. If you refuse to learn this feature, throw away that smartphone and get a life!

3. Apologize profusely when you’re late. It’s your fault after all. And don’t make it a habit. It’s not appropriate to believe you’re the queen and you can get away with being late for anything if and when you want because in reality, you are NOT even a queen. Entitlement is not a right to being late.

And when you’re tardy, make sure you apologize profusely! Bring her flowers or take her out to wine and cheese…surprise her day! After all, it’s not been going too well for them, having to wait for you.

Let’s learn to be more conscious of other people’s time and our time as well. All that wasted time, after all, is counterproductive in life.