I’m smiling, but you’re not the reason anymore

If you’re searching for a reason to leave, stop. The search is a reason.

I recall when we were growing up, we thought of the New Year as an opportune time to make changes in our lives.

A little drama here and there. A few promises and swears. I promise you, it’s the first few days or weeks of the year that you see some “magical change” in some people.

Old habits are just hard to break. And the cycle (well more or less) begins again. Promises, after all, are made to be broken.

So here’s my take on resolutions.

First, it’s got to be something you promise yourself because you know that it’s doable. No matter how painful, it needs to get done. Searching for a reason is a sign.

Second, is it’s a priority. If you had to choose between a fucked up love life or relationship, a shitty job that’s too painful to even wake up to, or a weird family to contend with each day, which would be the least of all evil to deal with? I’m not telling you which you should choose. It’s your life after all.

Third, and oddly I’d give advise, is you’ve got to balance which ones you can fix and which ones are not repairable. There are those that diplomacy or a bit of tact can solve. Then there are, after all, lost causes. Doesn’t matter whether you conjure the devil, it’s just hell having to contend with it day in and day out. It’s true when they say, misery loves company.

Finally, it’s just honor and pride in the end. You know the feeling of being treated like dirt shit? Well, been there and done that. You need to walk away from these situations. They’re deadly and they’ll leave you stressed and hating yourself.

Fair reminder. The more days you waste resolving these issues, the more regretful you become with yourself for not making decisions sooner. Procrastinating the inevitable is shit thrown at you and you liking it.

I’m making my resolution. I’m going to smile again. And yes, it’s not because of you.

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