Not today, f*cker

And yes I curse.

It’s part of my nature. And yours as well. Well, yeah. We can argue that we should choose more “appropriate” words. True. But there will be days that I (or you) won’t give a fuck.

If there’s one book I’d encourage everyone to get, it’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson. It’s not your everyday feel good, be nice kind of book. It’s an in-your-face book that makes you look at life the way we should.

I enjoyed the description of entitled people. The kind of people I loathe. Mason describes fictionally, Jimmy, an entitled SOB. “Jimmy…feels as though he deserves good things without actually earning them. He believes he should be able to be rich without actually working for it. He believes he should be liked and well-connected without actually helping anyone. He believes he should have an amazing lifestyle without actually sacrificing anything.”

“People like Jimmy become so fixated on feeling good about themselves that they manage to delude themselves into believing that they are accomplishing great things even when they’re not…”

“Entitled people exude a delusional degree of self-confidence…but the problem with entitlement is that it makes people need to feel good about themselves all the time, even at the expense of those around them. And because entitled people always need to feel good about themselves, they end up spending most of their time thinking about themselves. After all, it takes a lot of energy and work to convince yourself that your shit doesn’t stink, especially when you’ve been living in a toilet.

“…People who feel entitled view every occurrence in their life as either an affirmation of, or a threat to, their own greatness. If something good happens to them, it’s because of some amazing feat they accomplished. If something bad happens to them, it’s because somebody is jealous and trying to bring them down a notch. People who are entitled delude themselves into whatever feeds their sense of superiority. They keep their mental facade standing at all costs, even if it sometimes requires being physically or emotionally abusive to those around them.”

Entitled is not happiness.

Today, learn to say NO to those feeling entitled around you.

You’ll do yourself and others a favor in making the world a better place by saying f*ck sh*t to them.

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