Illusion of knowledge and propaganda

I told some friends the other day, that it’s more difficult to write a story with a lie than using the truth. One has to be a prolific fictional writer in order to build one lie after another in order to sell a story.

Steve Hawking once said that “the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is illusion of knowledge“.

It is sad that in this day and age of social media and technology, there are scumbags who utilise the gullibility of a few (?) in media in order to sell a propaganda.

When someone lacks the knowledge to run a company or an agency, and utilises the illusion of knowledge through fake press releases via paid columnists or paid trolls who feign intelligence in order to keep his job, you know the company is in deep shit. That’s because the “artificial intelligence” was sold to a bunch of idiots who never even checked the facts. To the reader, the lie was enough. The story was believable. And everyone was happy.

And then there are the peddlers. They disseminate the already wrong information and make it more complicated than it already is. These are the pushers of bad news. It’s disproportionate to the level of complexity (or simplicity) and is used to gather a lynch mob scenario in the propaganda. The peddler is the enabler for confusion and hate. They serve no other purpose in life but to collaborate with the propagandist to achieve fame.

Collateral damage is not important to them. After all, they are needy people. Need attention. Need likes on FB or social media. Need the entitlement. They are deceptive and make friends with the most culpable. They disguise themselves as helping or working for a cause, when in actuality they do this to gain a following (a petty pathetic following at that).

They are perfect examples of what illusion of knowledge is. They parade their accomplishments in public because it affirms their illusion.

These are the most dangerous kind of people. Every move made has a hidden agenda. Their deviousness is their skill. And manipulating people is their way of life.

And the gullible follower?

Well, there’s a Chinese proverb that describes them best – no greater fool than the fool that was fooled by a fool.

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