In search for inner peace

Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.

Some days are pure joy. And then there are those that just stressful. But life’s like that. No one ever said that life is a bed of roses!

The Dalai Lama tells us not to let the behavior of others destroy our inner peace. Of course, it’s easier said than done. When you think that you’re just having a great day, someone or some incident comes along to break up the party.

But life’s like that! I’ve always said that the anatomy of disappointments are expectations. While it is good that we think positive and expect the best out of our efforts, there are just some circumstances that don’t make all things turn out the way we desire.

I’ve had some humbling moments. Moments when all along my wishes and dreams were a straight path, the outcomes don’t turn out the way I wanted.

But what we want planned doesn’t end up the way we want. Seriously, we end up where we are because at some crossroad in our life when we needed to make a choice we ended up making a decision and arriving at where we are. How we handle where we end up is how we face our inner fears or inner peace.

Inner peace is a difficult process to achieve. But not impossible. Every event can be taken as a glass half full or half empty. Finding a silver lining even in our worst days is the goal to achieving inner peace.

Remember – things happen for a purpose. That’s why I believe that even joy is relative.

What we give to the universe is what the universe gives back to us.

Be the reason someone believes in the good of people and inner peace will be good karma to all who believe.

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