What if you knew when?

Would it matter if you knew when you would die?

Like yeah, it sounds morbid. But think about it. Would you have a different perspective on how you lived if you knew the How, Why, When, Where of your death?

If you knew that your only child was going to get sick at the age of 8, diagnosed with leukemia and die 15 months later in spite of chemotherapy, would you have spent the 8 years of his/her life with you in a more different way?

Tragedy is not the only anxiety we worry about each day. Whether we succeed in a business endeavour or marry the one we love or achieve our dreams, if we knew when, where, and how, I’m certain we all would live our lives differently.

But destiny is not a predictable path. The many unknowns of our future mandate that we live with what is thrown our way.

Our life does not always turn out the way we planned, but sometimes because what we planned wasn’t suppose to be our life.

No one is privileged to chart their paths the way they want to. There are no what ifs to go back to in life.

It’s a fair reminder that we will never know when we will die. Do good. Be kind. And stay happy.

It’s a good life and only we can make it a great one.

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