How much are you worth?

During one quiet moment, a friend’s father asked me “how much are your principles worth?”.

My initial reaction was shock.

Until he elaborated.

Everyone has a price. Even the most principled man has a price. Even heroes or saints have a price. Some of us may have not yet met that situation that made us decide on the price of our principle. We all have.

Let’s put a situation:

Say you needed 3 Million pesos badly because your father needed treatment for a disease. He has been in the ICU for the last 30 days. The savings of the family has dried up. Your family had to sell the house you live in. The loans are building up.

Your current job entails you access to vital confidential information that when revealed can bring down the business. The competitor of the company you work for knows your dilemma. Offers you 3M in exchange for that information. The life of your father or the information to the competition?

The scenario can vary from a hungry beggar who’s willing to break a law to feed his hungry and sick children or a drug addict who is willing to sell his or her body in exchange for a fix. Or the politician whose level of greed is shallow and is willing to exchange justice in order to keep up or maintain his family’s lifestyle.

If you’ve not met this challenge in your life, sometime you will. It can come either in the form of a crisis or temptation. But it will come.

For those who already have “sold” some of their “principled values”, only our conscience will dictate how we resolve them and if and when we can sleep better at nights.

We do what we need to do after thorough deliberation with our conscience.


there’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty.

What defines us at the end of our journey in life is not how well we lived but how we lived a life of kindness and gratefulness.

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