Silver linings

We’re all a bunch of idealists. Growing up, we’re filled with these dreams and aspirations for a perfect life.

But that’s not what life throws at us.

I’ve learned that what happens, happens. At first, I was disappointed that in spite of so much effort and goodness (or doing the right thing) some endeavours ended up unappreciated. In retrospect, whatever decisions were made was a good thing. It provided less responsibility and consequently less accountability and stress. It was the silver lining.

We all have these anxious moments. They are touch and go situations with unpredictable outcomes. It’s miserable if things happen not the way we expect or plan. And it’s an inappropriate reaction to not give a f*ck about the events in our lives. But things happen.

I will not venture on why things happen. But they do. And that’s the reality of life. We move on. The hurt will be there, but the world continues to revolve around the sun and the moon will still shine more brightly in the darkest nights.

Coming to terms with reality of life and death, with victories and defeat, with struggles and ease are not easy.

But life has its silver linings.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. aptly puts it

Only in darkness can you see the stars.

For my friends who have been with me during my darkest days, thank you for making me see the stars.

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