Chapter 2 – Love Stories

There are different forms of love. And each has its own story to tell.

During our teenage years, our growing hormones dictate to our bodies the kind of relationships we long for. Everyone knows what it’s like to fall in love. Be loved. To suffer heartbreaks. Love after all, is a choice we all make. Oh I’m not talking about the platonic love here. It’s the one that brings giggles, smiles, comfort and security. It’s the kind of love where choices are made, consequences happen and we pray that it ends in happily-ever-afters. Or not.

Some of us are just hopeless romantics. I for one had a few relationships before settling down. We all fall in and out of love for the wrong and right reasons. In a relationship it’s never always about you alone. It’s always about us. And many relationships or attempts at relationships fail because we forget why we exchanged “vows”. We chase the wrong things.

When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you.

Over time, we forget that the relationship we forged is about making each other better. In a relationship, there is no more “I”. It’s always “we”.

The battles and challenges in life are no longer personal because somehow, someone will help us get through the tough times. The good times will be cause for celebration.

Trust. Fidelity. Truth. They are all essential elements of every relationship. It’s important that we keep these in mind in our journey to forever after.

It has been quite a ride on the roller coaster of love. I’ve had my highs and lows. I hope you like my love letters this month. I’m writing these for you.

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