Last page – Tokyo Stories

I did not think that when I started writing again during our winter vacation last December, I could generate enough inspiration to consistently write for a month.

The daily writing was therapeutic. It helped ease down many unsettling moments in so many ways. The first time I decided to write again was on a beautiful day in Tokyo in a hotel room with a perfect view of Mt. Fuji.

The beauty and calm of nature was a sight to behold. I recalled my younger days when I’d go to retreats. As a young boy I learned to unburden my crosses by reflecting. As I grew older, the retreats became scarce, while the journeys more difficult. I slowly found that time no longer became my friend and things were more difficult to let go.

Then there is that one day. That day when life comes full circle to collect the debts of time and memories that passed us by.

It made me recall the moments that quickly passed me by – those missed opportunities where sorrow and pain lived and where joy, happiness and love stood still in time.

It was a good time to pause from the chaotic life and watch how nature does not hurry and yet accomplished everything.

Nature does not hurry, and yet everything is accomplished”

– Lao Tzu

Tomorrow, begins another chapter in my stories of Relative Joy.

And like life, we get to write our own beginnings.

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