The break up and the heart break

When someone breaks up with you, don’t you wish you lost those painful feelings as fast as you lost him or her?

I understand the pain. Been there. Done that. Every relationship will have its rollercoaster ride. There will be days when everything looks all great. Then there are days that look all grey.

It’s always easier to qualify and say that whenever we get into a relationship and fall in love, we need to only love as much as the other. But that isn’t what relationships are about. And that’s not what love is.

Love should be free flowing and without restrictions. It should be as deep as it can be so that we feel it to the core. And every day, every moment, a relationship is a work in progress.

And when things don’t work out, maybe it’s just not meant to be. You see, no matter how some of us try, the universe will always collude with destiny to find the one.

There’s an old saying that

It’s better to have loved and loss than never having to have loved at all”.

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