Silver, Sam and Ki2

Every morning when I get up, they’re either just loafing around me or are stretching their limber huggable bodies. They show me and my mom unequivocal love. Happiness is always found whenever I’m with them. Their needs are few – food, affection, a walk around the block or to the park, a trip to the doctor, a ride to the grocery or spa. When I’m back from work, Silver can tell that my car is near. Sam is ready with his colored balls. When I’m not around they simply sleep, play, and eat. Everyday, they wait for me to come home. They’re patient and kind. They don’t have an iota of anger or hatred (unless of course provoked). They’re the epitome what pure joy and trust are. They exude so much faithfulness, you can’t help that they’re man’s best friend.

If only all human beings can learn the love, kindness and faithfulness of our pets, when it comes to relationships, it would be a better world we live in.

Their undivided attention and love tell us how much they love us more than themselves. They will sacrifice themselves for us. And it’s painful when they go ahead of us. Their unqualified love is the kind that we humans lack.

They’re my stress relievers. Thanks for the undivided love guys!

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