It’s not okay

I once saw a sign that said, “haters f*ck off!” Well yeah, there’s too much drama among haters in this world. Someone who hates you normally hates you for three reasons:

1. You’re seen as a threat.

2. They hate themselves.

3. They want to be you.

All these reasons boil down to one thing. Lack of self esteem. These are people who are seriously emotionally damaged. Their life stories are not only pretentious but pathetic as well. They have so much hate within them because of a miserable past where they were used, abused and abandoned.

I have seen people rise from the storms of their lives and create beautiful life-inspiring journeys later on. But not all survive the battles well. Some of these “survivors” are left deeply scarred because friends and family abandon them during these lowest points of their lives.

What do you do when you hit rock bottom? We all get up. How and whom we get up with is the crucial game changer in the equation. The haters are born out of this process. These haters embrace all the envy and attitude the cosmos throws their way. They put up defense mechanisms in order to survive. Then they build a world according to paranoia. Finally, they channel all the resources or survival and paranoia through bullying the weak and helpless.

Once the bully has evolved, it becomes more difficult to handle them. Bullies travel in cliques. They have the same mantra – you’re a threat, they hate themselves, and they envy you. The vicious cycle of hate, envy, insecurity in a bully or a bunch of bullies is destructive to everyone.

No one deserves to be treated like sh*t. More so by a lowlife called a bully. They don’t need pity or love. But one needs to recognize who and what bullies are.

Bullies are on survival mode everyday. They do what they do for self protection. They are manipulative. Humiliation, intimidation and isolation are the only means they know in order to cope up with their lack of self esteem. From the glass tower bullies build, they lead very sad lives. A life built on fantasy and illusion. They crave for power and use power as a tool for doing what they do over and over again. Vengeance over people who have disappointed them or will potentially disappoint them is the main goal.

Bullying is a dysfunctional addiction that society is now recognising and insisting that it is no longer acceptable.”

Haters will always be everywhere – in the workplace, in a relationship, in school. It’s not okay to be bullied. Allowing that means you allow yourself to be disrespected.

Each time we allow ourselves to be abused, we place ourselves in a dark corner. Remember, one day you will get out of that corner. But escaping scarred and hurt isn’t the story you want to tell. You want to tell the story of having fought well because it wasn’t okay to allow the hater to have his way.

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