Joy doesn’t live here anymore

You know the feeling of excitement when you’re new on the job? Like it’s a new world out there and you’re all enthusiastic about starting off on the right foot? The excitement to be able to make changes and making things happen for good reasons?

Someone asked me to write about happiness in the workplace and what the defining moments are when people decide to quit their jobs.

People work for two main reasons – for the money and/or a career.

Financial remuneration is the primary reason. That’s why we have gazillion migrant workers or call center workers. Never mind the hardship, as long as the paycheck is good. The theory there is that people will stay in their current jobs no matter how paltry it is because of the pay. Providing food, shelter, education for self and family are the main reasons for working and for moving from one company to another.

Then there are those who hone their profession because they want to make a career. My nephew wanted to be a chef, so he dropped his recent work in a bank to pursue a cooking career. My niece does painting on the side as a hobby and to augment her income when she’s not busy running her squad in an IT group. The second reason why people work for a primary reason is called passion. Passion is the bigger driver here. When people are passionate with their work, even meagre pay would suffice.

The best combination is having both worlds. A good paying job with passion.

So what do they do when they don’t have the drive to go to work anymore? That’s the defining moment. And that’s when people make a choice – to stay for the money or leave to find a life.

There are always choices we make in life. Some of them may not be the right ones, others may be risky. The bottom line is living with the choices we make. As long as we’re happy with it, then walking away is always the road best traveled.

And we can all live with that.

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