Once upon a time in a kingdom far away lived a king who was loved by his people.

The kind king was an inspiration to many of his servants. While he was loved my most, there were a few who wanted the king to abdicate his throne.

As the kingdom grew larger, the king appointed two jesters. One who would provide wisdom, the other would foment dissent. It was natural that because the kingdom was a large one, the king had to listen to both jesters, as he divided which part of the kingdom each jester would oversee.

The jester that provided wisdom was well respected and appreciated. The other jester that created division was full of greed and vile. Over the years, the kingdom became divided. Soon, only intrigue and rumor mongering governed the land. And more people began to dislike the once wise king. Even the jesters became at odds with one another.

A small tribe on the south of the king was watching patiently. Waiting for the moment when people in the kingdom would be disgruntled on how the king ruled. The small tribe took the opportunity one day to use the weakened morale of the people to conquer the kingdom. The king had to eventually abdicate his thrown after an uprising led by a small tribe.

What is the moral of the story?

It takes people to build a kingdom and the same people to take advantage of its weakness and destroy the same kingdom.

People are what make a kingdom rise to great heights. Treat them right and justly. Because it is also the same people that can bring the kingdom down.

The strength and weakness of every organization or city or country lies not in leading with an iron fist but with a kind and understanding heart.

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