Patience and time

Leo Tolstoy once said that the two most important warriors are patience and time.

Time is never on our side though. What is past has occurred. Tomorrow is always fraught with uncertainty. Today is always what we deal with. All the unpredictability leaves us anxious and desolate rewinding and overthinking. Let’s face it. Anything occurring at the moment is hardly remembered after the day is over.

Often times we procrastinate making decisions because even though we’re in a bad place, the sliver of hope keeps us doing what we used to. Hoping and praying that things get better. Or miracles happen. A piece of advice:

If you wait for the perfect time, it will never happen.

So we just sit back and wait and wait and wait for a sign to show us the path to making “right” decisions.

Patience is a virtue. We harness this virtue in order to rationalize making life changing steps. Taking a break from a relationship, quitting a job, venturing into a business, going back to school – whatever it is, time and patience will lead us to those crucial decisions.

The thing here is that time and patience can pose opposing discomfort. Patience makes you wait to the point of procrastinating a decision. Because we think we have time on our side.

I’m not saying that we make impulsive decisions here. I’m talking about crossroads that make you stop and ponder when to make a life changing decision. It goes without saying that we shouldn’t be making rash decisions at the spur of the moment.

When the events during the “patient moments” are intolerable anymore, we need to remember that waiting will not matter.

We need to grow through what we go through. Let go. Move on.

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