The Push

“Can we be manipulated through the familiar forces of pressure to commit murder?”

Social compliance is the main theme in Derren Brown’s: The Push, available in Netflix this week. In this bold experiment, mentalist Brown uses social pressure to convince an ordinary decent person to cast aside moral codes and commit murder.

The audacious social experiment is fast paced and plotted well. The unknowing victim is enthralled in a psychological game where he is first pre-selected through a dubious plot to determine who is most gullible to social compliance.

This interesting show is a psychological masterpiece as it delves into the deep recesses of our subconscious on what we, as humans, are capable of becoming.

How readily we hand over the shit of ourselves everyday. And how easily we get controlled by social media is the main tenor of “The Push”.

I highly recommend this short movie to all.

Ransom Patterson puts it well when he points out in “How people manipulate you: The 6 principles or influence” on how and why social compliance matters.

1. Consistency

2. Reciprocation

3. Social Proof

4. Authority

5. Liking

6. Scarcity

These principles allow us to act automatically and efficiently in a way that benefits you.

People with knowledge of these principles tend to exploit them to lure us to make purchases, donations, bully or torture others, and yes, even kill.

I highly recommend this film on Netflix and you’ll understand why we dish out the shit we’re pushed to do and why we do it.

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