Not meant to be

Seriously, the truth will always be painful. And pain will always change the way we look at things. But think of it this way. Truth will always be a revelation of many sorts.

The most important is dealing with what to do when things aren’t meant to be.

I’m borrowing someone’s thoughts and sharing this with my readers because I think it’s thought provoking. I’ve added a couple of thoughts in the sequence as well.

1. Because living your life as a prisoner is painful.

If you wake up every day trying to figure out how great it would be if you could be free from a particular situation then you’re keeping yourself in prison. And being strapped in chains isn’t the best place to be because it’s not a productive or happy place anymore.

2. There is always another thing to try. Another person to date. Another job. Another home. Another way.

Something new or better is always on the horizon. Loneliness and depression are not good places to be. Every question has an answer. Every problem a solution. Keep your chin up. After a storm, the sun still shines. There will be better days.

3. We exist in physical form for a finite amount of time.

We all think we have time. Procrastinating the inevitable seems to be a good choice at the moment. Stop playing Russian roulette with your life. You babble like a bitch in heat but aren’t willing to get out of the fire. Make the decisions you needed to make now. Not when it’s too late.

4. Because playing by the rules can be boring.

There are no rules that apply 110% of the time. Duh! It’s time to do things your way. It’s your time. Your moment to shine. If they don’t work out, who cares? Adjust! That’s life!

5. Because change is exciting.

There are uncertainties when we leave. Or change. You think it may be bad to explore a whole new world. Or perhaps you’ve also weighed in the good in departing from being a masochist. You think you’ve put it off for so long because you’re trying to avoid experiencing something. Honestly, you’re not a seer. You can’t predict what life has in store for you if you took a chance.

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