Three wise monkeys

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story about you”

– Maya Angelou

The Three Wise Monkeys, together embody the proverbial principle “hear no evil , see no evil, speak no evil”. It also refers to those who deal with impropriety by turning a blind eye.

It’s difficult when you’re in a situation where you’re a witness to wrong doings, speak out about the wrong in the hope of making things right and yet your own colleagues keep silent about the wrong. It’s sad because it sends a wrong message to the people whom harm has been done. There is just no moral support and it is traumatic (which is an understatement) to have to see someone go through this.

When someone distorts a lie to make everyone believe it is the truth, then it is evil and immoral. There’s a lot of that going around because purveyors, publicists and vagabonds will always need a job. It’s their business of integrating fantasy into what is real, unfortunately, to the point of having the reader or public initially question the facts, eventually muddle it up, and finally make the lie the gospel truth.

It is sad because good people deserve a better shake at life. We cannot just shrug from afar and watch good people go down because we don’t (pardon my French), give a f*ck!

If we simply stand back and watch and tolerate the evil that men do, then we are accomplices to that evil. We perpetuate it.

I am writing this for a friend who has seen darker days. I cannot promise you brighter days ahead. But I will pray that you too may have people who will support your quest for justice because life should give you a fair shake at happiness.

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