The star

Every story has a star.

While our stories shift each moment of our lives, everyone in these stories are supporting cast.

Think of your life as a TV series. Each of us has a central or mixed theme ranging from drama, comedy, horror (yes horror), political, romance, documentary, fantasy, or action.

While there are several writers and directors in the movie, there is only star in our life story. You!

We react to the other casts in the film of life. Oh yeah, there’s the hate and anger, romantic moments, death scenes, funny days – but they revolve around one central character – YOU!

And like you, the various characters have their own movies in life. And we are the supporting cast in the film of their lives.

Accountability, responsibility, maturity. These are simple words but they are tall orders for every one of us. Only true people will swallow their pride and remain to stay humble regardless of the position they achieve in life. Pathetic ones will always remain manipulative, coercive, and deceptive. In literature, or in the movies, they are the protagonist and the antagonist.

I’m sure you’re getting the parallelism I’m driving at now. Just like a movie, some things in life are simply misdirected. As to how the film pans out will also depend on your co-stars. Are they just mere props on the set or are they real actors and actresses in your life? After all, in their own films, they too are their own stars.

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