Dose of daily sunshine

I attended a spiritual recollection a few days ago and the priest was one of those”out of the box” speakers. He made you laugh, got serious in some of his anecdotes, and of course there were some tears shed in the end. Engaging. Entertaining. Relevant.

The topic centered on sacrifice. And yeah, like I told myself quietly, “seriously sacrifice?” The 1 1/2 hrs went by quickly with so much “aha!” moments. The priest was right. We ask questions about our “why me” moments. And while they remain unanswered to this day, we will never know the sacrifices or crosses we bear.

One slide struck me deep in the core and I’d like to share this slide with my readers. It’s called Gandhi’s 7 dangers to human virtues.

1. Wealth without work

2. Pleasure without conscience

3. Knowledge without character

4. Business without ethics

5. Science without humanity

6. Religion without sacrifice

7. Politics without principles

It was an enlightening experience. And I’m writing this for you so that you will remember that there are just crosses we bear at the crossroads of life that we don’t question because the sacrifice we experience are meant for a greater purpose.

We need to look beyond the darkness to appreciate the sunshine of our lives.

My friends, remember that we don’t live other people’s dreams. We live our own. Take the path less traveled. And fight for your dreams. Happiness is your own choice.

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