The sun shines after the rain. So what do you do to move forward after the storm? We need to give up some things to move on.

Let me share with you a mix bag that I’ve rewritten to some degree of tips on “7 things we must give up to move forward”:

1. Running from problems

It’s true that running away is a temporary fix to problems. But you should know which ones you can fix and those you need to get away from (for sanity’s sake). If you’re determined to fix the problem, you should do it without hesitation and make sure that you’re in it for the long haul (or brevity).

2. Shame of past failures

What is past is past. The past is not meant to be a life sentence but a lesson to be better at decision making. Avoid making similar mistakes. Your past is not your future.

3. Procrastinating life goals that matter

I told my staff that if there is no succession planning in an organization, you know that it’s not a good place to be. You need to know where you want to be 5 years from today. Life goals matter. They are your guiding stars. And sitting and waiting for the proverbial apple to drop into your mouth is such a bad habit. Map out your life. Remember, there’s never a turning back for time.

4. Excuses over decisions

Human nature makes us evolve to beings that provide excuses and more excuses. Rather than making those crucial decisions, people by nature give excuses when faced with uncertainties. This is most true if that uncertainty has to do with financial stability. Excuses are our perennial comfort zones.

5. Sitting empty handed

I tell my mom whenever she’s depressed that “an empty mind is the devil’s playground”. Make yourself useful during those down times. Keep the grief short. What happened happened for a reason. We may never know why. Move on. Life provides a million opportunities. Each day is a new chance at a new choice.

6. People’s opinion about you

Rumor mongering is the hallmark of a person who has nothing to do in life. The purpose for their existence is to serve as evil incarnate. When they die, no one will miss them.

I get it when we say that what other people think about you in a negative way is painful. Especially when they are purveyors of lies. What matters most is what is true and what you think about yourself. As they say, the truth will set you free.

7. No appreciation about life

Whatever happens don’t see yourself as a failure. We always underestimate our abilities. Well, sometimes you can’t help it because there are many insecure people who undermine your abilities from the get go. Don’t depend on others for your life decisions. Their opinions are simply suggestions. Appreciate what you have and make your life an excellent one!

(Adapted from Pyraweb – Empowering People. While the principles were adapted, the thoughts and opinions are the author’s)

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