(n.) a crossroad; a critical decision or turning point in one’s life

We all have a quatervois.

Some look for signs. Others leave it to chance. And there will always be misgivings on making life decisions. Sometimes it’s the search for happiness or job satisfaction. More often than not, it’s the financial stability. But even when the job sucks and all the wrong are written all over the walls, the longer you tolerate the wrong, the more difficult it is to let go and get mired in all that shit.

Seriously, it’s called being an accomplice to it. And even just watching from a distance within the same bureaucratic mumbo jumbo is tantamount to dancing with evil.

I get it when you come face to face with a quatervois. It’s probably like looking at desperation straight in the eyes. A million things run through your mind. You want to fight it but you’re inclined to look the other way because of personal reasons. We all have that critical turning point in life. And the most difficult decision will always be made when you feel like giving up.

That point comes when you begin to solicit advice from others instead of deciding on your own. Why solicit the advice? It’s because you want to hear people stop you from leaving a job or perhaps someone you love reassuring you that the relationship is worth salvaging. Whatever it is, you want reassurance on uncertainty.

Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everybody else.

Remember: indecision will never move you forward. It’s a sign you don’t trust your intuition.

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