Quiet joy

Those quiet moments. A calmness to the spirit and soul. It’s when I sit alone in the back of church on a weekday after work or give up my anxious mind to God during meditation at the adoration chapel, where I find my quiet joy.

We all have our anxious moments and when it’s there, sometimes it spirals out of control. It runs the show and is responsible for our “bad mood” day! I’m not saying that it’s not okay to be angry or frustrated. That’s life! It’s being stuck in that moment of negativity that we need to rethink of why we’re sweating the small stuff.

So when I run to God to ask Him to calm my weary mind and soul, He gently reminds me that practicing gratitude should be a daily endeavor when facing life’s stressful days.


It’s being in a state of being thankful for all we have in life. And gratitude is one of the most medicinal emotions we can feel. It elevates our moods, showers us with joy and happiness and provides us the opportunity to enjoy life the way it should be.

“Serenity comes to you when you trade expectations for acceptance”

My mindset on positive thoughts reminds me that I’ve seen better days, but I’ve seen also worse. And while I don’t have everything I want, I have almost everything I need. These days, I wake up with aches and pains, but I thank God for another day. And my being grateful at second chances tells me that life is not perfect. But I am blessed.

How grateful are you today? Forgetting our past is the first step to gratitude. Forgiving ourselves is the road to finding joy in calm.

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