People and difficult times

A friend reminded me the other week about her life challenges. We all have people that walk in and out of lives. There will be some who will drop in and out of life’s journey and there will be those that will stay for the long haul. Whether it’s work or love or family, difficult times will always make you remember the types of people in our life.

1. Who helped you in difficult times.

Life is a cycle of ups and downs. Even the science will show you the evidence that behind every success story, is a failure. And vice-versa. The people that stay and pick you up when you’re at your worse, will always be worth the keep. It’s because they care enough to see your ugly days as being still beautiful.

2. Who left you in difficult times.

Lifestyles change. And so does the impact of security – in health, wealth and love. And it is understandable that when the balloons have lost their helium, the champagne has all been drained, the cash flow has ended up as debts, there will be an exodus of the free loaders. The people that left the party should stay memorable to you. After all, they provided joy, no matter how artificially, to our celebrations in life. They’re just not the kind who are bound to stay for the long haul.

3. Who put you in difficult times.

And then there are those who put you in a dark place so that they can shine. Envy. Anger. Greed. Arrogance. Hate.

But wait. Think about it. We all had in some way or another, placed someone through difficult days – intentionally, subconsciously, or even as an accomplice (through silence of inaction).

These are the kind of people we plant seeds of vengeance on. Yes we forgive (in words) but we don’t forget.

Forgetting is a selfless act in attaining happiness. It is the kind of action where we need to die within us so that we can forgive not only the transgressors but ourselves.

Why is there that need to forget? Because forgetting clears the burden of recall and vengeance.

Stay kind. Forgive and forget. Move on. It’s time to stay beautiful because you are loved.

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