A little girl was holding two apples. Her mom asked for one. The little girl quickly bit one apple, and then the other. Her mom held back her disappointment. Then the girl handed one to her, saying, “here, this is the sweeter one”.

Often times in our lives we’re quick to draw judgement at people or their actions without fully understanding the circumstances at all.

Sometimes all these harsh and rash judgement isn’t even real. It’s picked up from gossip that are spread by envious detractors and the sad part here is that some people are just too gullible to believe them. In short, we have problems when it comes to giving the other person a chance to prove herself.

Like the child in the story, the mom was quick to judge at the action taken by the child. She forgot that it was a well meaning gesture because the little girl cared.

There are people that circle our lives like vultures waiting for the kill. And these are the dangerous kind of acquaintances we meet. Discerning them and dissociating with them is difficult especially when you rely on rumors from the vultures at bay. Gossip is like listening to the devil whispering in our ears. The story is juicy but the intent is evil. Being judgemental is treating people unfairly.

No one likes feeling judged. We need to back off and let people live because we’re all in our personal journeys – evolving and growing.

Discernment is a gift we need to harness because only through discernment can good come from the wise.

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