My pet peeve stories

We all have pet peeves. And I’m sharing mine with you. I’m quite sure that some of you can relate to these.

We all have our little pet peeves. It’s that tiny corner of our lives that annoy us completely. But it’s not wrong to be annoyed when there is reason for annoyance.

For example, when basic etiquette isn’t observed or when someone abuses your kindness or simply watching someone from the sideline make an ass of himself/herself. Yup! Sometimes, there are just situations where you see people who are full of themselves.

Like have you ever been in a queue and someone suddenly cuts the line? Come on! We’ve been in line for the past 45 minutes as well! Or you’re in a elevator and the guy beside you has his headset pumped up to maximum volume and is gyrating his head to the “noise”! Or you’re in a hurry going up an escalator and the couple front of you are standing side by side chit chatting nonchalantly and when you say “excuse me”, one of them gives a dagger eyed look at you. Or the keyboard warrior whose grammatically wrong all the time yet bangs away when writing or commenting in a public forum.

So I’m sharing with you with my little annoying peeves. Because they are disturbingly rude or wrong! Etiquette and common sense play an important role in daily human interaction and we need to lead by example. Color, race, sex or status in society do not matter. Courtesy and discipline differentiate us as a people in society.

Hopefully, you will enjoy (or hate) and share the other side of my writing this month on #PetPeeveStories.

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