Mother’s Day story

I will skip one day of #PetPeeveStories to dedicate today to all mothers in the world. They deserve this wall. I’m sure we all have personal stories of our moms. From heart tugging ones to heart breaking. But here’s my story and I’m sharing this with you because I’m proud of who my mom is.

A few years ago, I wrote a short piece called “Tuesdays With Inang”, in my other blog site,

Before my mom became debilitated and had become more ambulatory challenged, Tuesdays would be dedicated to hanging out with her. After the sudden passing of my father in 1994, her world was never the same again. Five years ago, her spine began to deteriorate and being mobile became more challenging…and depressing.

Nowadays, when we’d sit down and have quiet conversations over her youth, family, marriage and life with my father, her mind would wander off to a beautiful place in her heart. I miss those “Tuesdays with Inang” mainly because of committed work and her physical therapy. So now my evenings after a hectic work schedule would be relegated to preparing dinner for her (when I most possibly can). It’s the least I could do. After all, she’d been the one preparing our dinners during all the years we were growing up.

Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating once a year the woman who has given you life in this world. It’s remembering the very person who has sacrificed a lot for you and thanking her for a job well done. After all, I can proudly say, I and my sister didn’t turn out so bad after all. And every day is a work in progress. As INANG begins to age, and so do we, the toll that health takes upon her let’s us know that time isn’t on our side.

We were never rich. And our humble beginnings taught us the important lessons in integrity, honesty, responsibility, and accountability. Because we never had much, both my parents toiled hard. It was my mom who stood by us through the best and worst times of our lives. Even when she got sick and needed several operations, her frail body would fight all odds just to make sure that she would be there to take care of us.

As we grew older, became more independent, and had lives of our own, I thought that one day both my mom and dad would have their happily-ever-after story. But that was cut short almost 25 years ago.

Today, my mom lives with me (or I with her?) after the passing of my dad. I continue to take care of her. With age, her companionship isn’t the same anymore. But her love is unequivocally the same. I will not be able to replace my father as the love of her life. But she will always remain the love of mine. Because in her, I see the face of hope, love, perseverance, sacrifice and strength. Even at my worst days, I look to her and smile at this woman who has been my inspiration, and my relative joys in life.

Happy Mother’s Day INANG!

I owe everything I am today because of you. I take pride that you’re my mom. Because you’re everything to me. Thank you INANG.

p.s. I love you

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