The comeback lines…

Social media is the ideal place to get attention. You’re someone’s follower or friend. The painful part is, there will be bashers who have nothing much to say except unkind, uncouth, and hateful comments.

I know some people who I’ve previously respected (yes, I’ve lost interest in them and wouldn’t care if the feeling was mutual) and unfollowed or unfriended because I’ve seen their true identity. And mind you, politics isn’t the primary reason here. It’s just being a turd. Period.

This month will feature a mix bag of articles – from #hugotlines, more of humor me, and as my friends know me to be very good at, my being nasty and sarcastic to the core.

Thank you for enjoying my relative joys for the past 6 months. I hope I’ve kept you entertained and engaged.

One thought on “The comeback lines…

  1. Remi July 1, 2018 / 9:12 am

    Remembering how I used to (always) look forward to your lectures back in the day not because of the subject matter but the side comments and f#€《@s%×# 🤣 And we had a classmate back then who was a nun. 🤣. Thanks to FB for a continuation of Benjamin Co, MD series.


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