There are days when I just like being myself.  Some of my friends tell me that I’ve mellowed over the years.  Life brings you to a point where you choose your words and try (that’s the operative word) to be politically correct. But sarcasm becomes me.  It’s a trademark that rubs into everyone.

I don’t make friends for the sake of winning Mr. Congeniality.  And I make enemies even if I don’t say anything for or against them.  To my haters, here’s my take on you:

You don’t have to die to be dead to me.  I have mental funerals on a daily basis.

And there are those that have a real attitude by rationalising what is blatantly wrong!

Don’t show me your attitude.  My BLOCK list is bigger than you FRIEND list.  Don’t forget that whatever has happened it’s because you made it happen.  Our story is like a book. You turned the page.  I burned the book.

If you think you’re being alluded to in this post, then good for you! At least you get the message.  If you’re one of those who actually follow, and like my posts, and find some of my thoughts useful in your daily lives, go ahead and share them till it reaches the idiots that need to get a life!

There are people that think that just because they’re mental, or going through issues in life, some people need to give them a slack.  Well boohoo!!! I hate to rain on your parade, but using health issues that are inexistent are a cop out when facing life’s challenges. There are legitimately mentally ill people. Don’t insult them by pretending to be mental. The solution is to seek help.  Not to drum up fairy tales in order to gain sympathy.

There’s a fine line between crazy and free spirited and it’s usually a prescription.

My friends usually seek my advice when it comes to having to deal with people with personality disorders.  You get what I mean right?  A piece of advice.  You’re not the only one that has to deal with a bitch.  In our life (whether it is personal or work), there will always be the evil queen (or king) who will make our lives unbearable.  They have their own agenda.  In their own little kingdom (of their mind), they hallucinate being the saviour of mankind (or whatever fairy tale lala land they live in). And we feel like giving up because having to live with Alice in lala land is tiring – physically and emotionally.  Here’s a food for thought on those who feel like it’s game over.

Sometimes I feel like giving up.  Then I remember I have a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong.

But you can fight your battles not in the same arena.  It’s hard to argue with stupid, especially when it’s their daily ritual. I’m sure that there are days that we’re just dying to ask

Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion?

So here’s to reminding us about walking away from the stress of being bullied or cowed upon or even having to live with stupid or that jerk of a partner.  Walk away while you still have your sanity, pride and respect intact.  There’s a saying about a door closing and a window of opportunity opening. To me, it’s

When one door closes, sometimes you want to get a hammer and nails to make sure the bitch stays shut.

After all, my excuse today is that I’m sarchotic.

2 thoughts on “Sarchotic

  1. lordmychef September 8, 2018 / 10:24 pm

    Now I know the word: sarchotic. hahahaha!!! I am struggling, Doc, for the sake of the kingdom of God but sometimes… I have to confess and say, I am only human and cannot tolerate idiots. hahaha!!! sometimes i tell my sacristans to please inform me when “uso mga tanga para sabay din ako sa kanila!” di nila gets! grrrrr..!!!


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