The getaway

To me, this poster is an apt description of why we all need a break.

From the humdrum of life.  From the stress of work or school. We live to seek adventures and to learn what it is like to live.

Sometimes we travel with the people who are most dear to us, like family and friends or your life partner.  Then there is traveling alone, because ONE is a peaceful number.

Others travel in (usually on a budget) in order to write (or blog) about it because it’s their line of work.  The latter isn’t my cup of tea.  I don’t squeeze in traveling at a budget.  While some may dream of seeing the world on a budget, I think of a “getaway” as a form of reward for the hours one toils.  If you will scrimp on yourself, then why even splurge or spend for a vacation? We are not getting younger.  And trying to enjoy a vacation when we will need ambulatory assistance is no fun at all.

Then there are others who take advantage of their work in order to travel.  Nothing wrong with that.  But the idea of a vacation rather than mixing work and pleasure isn’t appealing to me.  If I need to travel for work related matters, then it is for that very purpose alone.  It is tiring, weary and stressful to squeeze in the “fun” in your itinerary when you need to catch a 7AM meeting the next few days. Believe me.  Been there.  Done that.

This month, I will take you to some of my private getaways. To recharge.  To see the world. To appreciate life.  To dream and reflect.  After all, we only live once. To make moments out of our lives, because we have stories to tell when we are old and grey.

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