There are days that just weigh you down.

Figuratively and literally.

And we need to take a respite from all the burden of work, home, relationships and life itself.  Someone once said that being alone is a lonely number.  I told them that once in a while, looking out for number one keeps your sanity in check.

One needs to contemplate on solitude as providing respite to the mind, body and spirit.  After all, we all work to enjoy life.  When all that work becomes a necessary ending to simply living without knowing why we work, we miss out on the opportunities to create memories that serve to inspire us to strive harder for some “me time”.


Take every chance you get in life…because some things only happen once.

And so I close July with more than 10,000 visitors, with almost 15,000 views on over 200 posts… thank you for following because I’m writing this for you.

I hope you enjoy my August blogs on my Travel Stories, where I find my isophilia moments. It’s time to recharge.

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