Somber in Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, tells the entire story of a nation. A city of art, artists and museums, Berlin is home to the Reichstag, seat of the German parliament.

Berlin is important because it was a constant point of concentration between the communists and the West in the first two decades of the Cold War.

On Nov 9, 1989 as the Cold War began to thaw, East Berlin’s communist party announced a change in the relations between the East and the West. Tearing down the wall and allowing citizens of the German Democratic Republic to cross.

Berlin is one of those cities rich in tangible histories. The city is rich in glamor and grit, ritzy and mesmerising, great food and mix of the fabulous, somber and sublime.

Karl Marx, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler and John F Kennedy are among those whose histories were shaped in Berlin.

As Lonely Planet describes it best –

this is a city that staged a revolution, headquartered by Nazis, bombed to bits, divided in two and finally reunited – all in the 20th century!

Life in Berlin is clearly laid back. We enjoyed this destination after coming from Vienna. How fast paced yet trendsetting the city is. The whole spectrum from rest and recreation to party lifestyle is what adds to the mystery of why one must travel to Berlin.

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