Axing the tree

There’s an African Proverb (Zimbabwean from the Shona Tribe) that sends a strong message in six words.

Many scenarios in life are reflected in this proverb.  From school to work, from friendships to relationships, from health to disease – these six words are an apt description of how alliances or associations are made and destroyed.

The axe does the damage and does not regret the hurt it causes. The tree will always be the victim.  Helpless as the axe grinds from its bark to its core.  Incessantly pounding until it can stand no more.

Sometimes, the axe realises too late that it has damaged the tree too deep and by the time it professes apologies, they are often insincere and crass.  Their regrets are shallow quick fixes so that THEY can move on.  And that since the axe has expressed its apology, it EXPECTS the tree to accept the apology and to move on as well.

They say that time eventually heals all wounds. But the axe will always remain the same.  Hurtful. Violent. Loud. No remorse.  They are wolves waiting for the prey.  And the trees, well, we will always remember the hurt and pain.

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