That’s the number of episodes of this one season Chinese series which landed on Netflix last August 2018, entitled Rise of Phoenixes.

The series is based on the novel Huang Quan written by Tianxia Guiyuan, whose central plot resolves around the Tiansheng Empire and the brothers who desire to succeed the Emperor. Intertwined in this series is the story of love, treachery, education, religion, betrayal, sacrifice, loyalty, and being filial. There’s also martial arts in between.

The historical details are precise and the setting, costume, photography and cinematography is spectacular. Not only is the script well written but the acting is worth an accolade of awards.

The rollercoaster plot is suspenseful and addicting. I couldn’t get enough. The final episode left me aghast for days. It wasn’t an expected ending but one where it was the best ending to this beautiful story.

If you have Netflix, this is a must watch especially this very long holiday weekend.

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