The famous lines of Nanay

Not all of us grew up privileged. Most of my friends (and colleagues) didn’t have “yayas” during our growing years. It was always Nanay.

Growing up with Nanay (or INANG as I would fondly call her) in the Philippines will always be a memorable one. The disciplinarian. Your best friend. The workhorse. The woman for all seasons. Superwoman – all rolled into one. No matter the generation, I’m sure these nine (9) lines of Nanay are familiar to us.

There’s a bit of humour in them, yet as I look back at these famous lines – I can’t but help reminisce on how much love exudes as well.

1. Aba! Sumasagot ka na!

We never bark back at the hand that feeds us. As we grew up, we learned how to answer back (or as we’d like to put it, reason out). But when she’s tired from having to juggle the day with having to tend to us, snap back she will. 

2. Para kang may katulong. Linisin mo yan!

Kids nowadays are more “laid back”. a.k.a., lazy.  Technology after all, has provided many things “automated”. From drying the dishes to washing cars, to turning on the lights or opening the curtains, there’s a button for that. This generation never had it so good.  But learn we did – to tidy up and not live in a pig stye. 

3. Papunta ka pa lang pabalik na ko.

Wise ass. Wise cracks. She knows your manipulative moves. Sometimes I wondered if Santa Claus was really a guy or was it mom – because she knew when you were naughty and nice.  She could look you in the eyes and tell if you’re telling the truth or making up some excuse. Seriously – she’d rather you come clean. After all, she’s mostly understanding….otherwise it’s number 4….

4. Ibabato ko itong hawak ko sa iyo!

You really don’t want to piss her off.  Whatever she’s holding right now, it’s going to really fly across the room. 

5. Anak ka talaga ng tatay mo!

Yep.  She’s not only pissed at you.  She’s pissed at your dad! When we want to get things done, we can either please her and get her in our good graces or she’ll get your father and his side of the family involved (believe me when I say that after a couple of rants about your father, the litany of how you got that “attitude” from his side of the family will crop up).

When she’s fuming with these lines, I’m sure your dad will be cowering behind the bookshelf and he isn’t even going to side with you.  Hell has no greater fury than the woman who scolds you with the line “anak ka talaga ng tatay mo“!

6. Pag ako namatay, kawawa kayo!

So true! Most of the women today are also breadwinners in the family.  Unlike men, women play dual roles.  They are more dedicated to preserving the sanity and integrity of a family.  That’s why I’m amazed at how passionate and persevering they are in keeping the family together (and how laid back the men are).  I’d hear INANG mutter over and over, this statement, when we’d not take her dedication as a mom and wife seriously.

7. Ipasok mo yan sa kukote mo!

And with matching finger pointing at your skull while she’s saying this.  It’s her way of reminding us, over and over and over…that it’s. Got. To. Stick. Into. Our. Heads.  

She’s usually at the end of her thread of sanity when she does this. But don’t wait for her to say these lines.  The next time she says it, you may find her manicured fingernails inside your brain.

8. Makuha ka sa tingin!

Which means that when she’s glaring at you, you don’t have to make a cute face.  Or have tears run down your cheeks.  Or make that funny gesture or show off your dimples. She means business when she’s looking at you straight in the eyes. You will blink first!

9. Ano ang akala mo sa akin, nagtatae ng pera?

She’s the go to person.  

From an emotional cradle to the financial assistant.  Seriously.

But most specially when we need money. On the spot. For wants rather than needs.  She actually minds. Reminding us constantly and sarcastically that she’s no Imelda Marcos when it comes to money.  But you’d be surprised at how thrifty she is.  When push comes to shove, she will always find a way to make ends meet.  Better yet, she will always have put aside some cash for that rainy day.


For all the times that I forgot to "Thank you,"
For all the special, little things you do,
For all the word that sometimes go unspoken,
I need to say, "I love you, Mom", I do.

I love you for the way you stop and listen,
And for your kind support throughout the years,
For teaching me the meaning of compassion,
And sharing in my triumphs and tears.

And, if at times, I may have seemed ungrateful,
I want to say, "I truly hope you see,
That nothing you have done has been forgotten,
And day by day you just mean more to me."

2 thoughts on “The famous lines of Nanay

  1. lordmychef December 4, 2018 / 11:27 pm

    Doc yung number six kung minsan philosophical ang dating: paano kayo kapag ako namatay? And funny that when we were growing up, among sibs and friends, we were really so scared if mom would suddenly die that we all say “ako na lang mauna”. Now i am a priest, sometimes i feel like telling her, mimisahan ko po kayo…but I never dared! hahahaha!!!


  2. lordmychef December 4, 2018 / 11:30 pm

    And during Christmas season, famous line of mothers: paabutin ninyo ng pasko at bagong taon yang ham… o chocolate o halayang ube (homemade yun!) kaya tasado parang ration hiwa ng ham at keso. kaya maparaan siguro tayo.


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