Of faith and the gift of love

The yuletide season sends mixed feelings to everyone. Mostly a feeling of joy. The gift giving spree, the vacation, time off work and school – it’s indeed a time to be merry!

The essence of Christmas often times gets lost in our material world. As we unravel before our very eyes those beautifully wrapped boxes and trinkets, let us all remind ourselves the reason for the season.

Joy, peace and hope are hinged on one word – FAITH!

Christmas time heralds good tidings and cheers, yet not all of us are merry and bright. There are those who are struggling during this time of the year (or all year round for that matter) because of various reasons and conditions. Faith is enough to see us through even the most difficult times of our lives. If only we have enough faith anything impossible can be mountains we can overcome. They say that “prayer is the key to heaven, but faith unlocks the door.”

Beyond the gifts we receive, the most precious is love. When life gives us a hundred reasons to cry, remember that God gives us a thousand reasons to smile. Because there is love. From Him giving us love it’s unadulterated form through His son Jesus Christ.

Love is kind and beautiful. It is understanding and full of compassion. It is gentle and forgiving. It is grateful, peaceful and merciful.

As the year draws to a close, let us remind ourselves of our continued faith in God and the commandments of love.

After all, every day will always be Christmas when we have faith and Love.

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