Writers use the pilcrow symbol to indicate a new paragraph. It marks the beginning for a new trend of thought.

We start each year hoping for new beginnings. That path of hope poses challenges. While we dream of achieving these goals, life isn’t predictable.

I started 2018 with a very challenging problem. I’m sure many of you know that. I need not expound on it. To say that it was disturbing is an understatement.

It was what it was. The fight for good was not mine to bear because even if truth was on my side, politics was not. But I will leave it at that.

Because I decided to walk away I will always remember why I did what I needed to do. It was not out of fear. If you know me well enough, I can use all resources to bring my enemies down. But I always tell people that you either swim with the fish or get out of the aquarium. And that’s true for every job you have or every challenge you face. After all, we all report to someone and there will always be a leader. So this is one chapter I choose to close.

I chose to close one chapter in my life. Move on. And write the next paragraph.

Because this is not my fight. It is not the story I wanted to write.

But I believe in the world being round. That all things balance itself. That good will supervene over bad. That the problems of life remain our biggest conquest. That we choose the battles we need to fight.

The take home message here is that we all write our own stories. How it begins, how it pans out, and how it ends. But we all MOVE ON. Whatever and however we decide, we take responsibility and MOVE ON. Because life’s like that.

One day, I will write my next chapter. The next paragraph. And it will have a happy ending. Because every single moment of our lives, we’re allowed to change our destinies and write our own endings.

Some things always find its way back home.

One thought on “Alinea

  1. lordmychef December 28, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    I love this Doc… you just confirmed my decision last week. Salamuch. You are right. Even if the truth is on our side sometimes we just have to start a new chapter than ruin a page or a paragraph. Can’t wait for karma, though….hahaha. sigh. A better new year for us all! Cheers!


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