Everything ends

May 13, 2019 Philippine elections was a turning point in the politics of Filipinos.

The midterm exercise of voting for national and local leaders was (and I would like to believe, still is), an exercise of the democratic rights of the Filipino people. My political analysis was spot on. In spite of its Herculean efforts, the opposition would not win a national position. Any sitting administration would be rendered a lame duck when they lose a midterm election.

Social media isn’t where the election battles are. It is where the scars of friendship and miscommunication remain. You cannot educate the masses on issues of laws and rights by chastising them. Politics is like a game of chess. You need to think a hundred steps ahead of your opponent. In silence, you defeat your opponent. A great chess player always takes into consideration your next move. He wins by taking the king. Not by taking the other inconsequential pieces on the board.

I will not talk about how this election fared and how it came to a devastating loss for the opposition because in reality, it did not fail us as a people.

That silver lining is seen in more productive, progressive and educated local governments where the once stronghold of the mighty dynasties have fallen. For the first time in decades, the people used their votes wisely to bring down politicians and their relatives who have made a business out of the political arena. When people have the determination to change anything, they will make a concerted effort at achieving that goal on their own.

You see, in this world, the majority will always have a say. The minority will remain a voice to be heard. The process of convincing people to take “sides” will always be a difficult one because we see a devil while they see a savior.

But one thing I am sure and a millennial had proven that in this world, everything is possible.

Everything ends. Every empire, dynasty, regime. Every period has ended.

– Mayor Vico Sotto

In a democracy, we have the opportunity to change history. After all, no one remains king forever. Every story has an ending. It may not be what we want, but yeah, everything ends.

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