Without love, nothing matters

There’s something about love that makes everything different.

Many things mark us as Christians and as Catholics: the sign of the cross, our liturgical celebrations, our churches and places of worship – all inspired by Scripture and tradition. But at the heart of all this and what holds all things together is the commandment of love: love of God and love of neighbor; love as Jesus loved us. Without love, all things fall apart.

When I read those lines, it struck me how much as a Catholic nation, these very reasons to love – both friends and enemy – are quite challenging these days.

The last few months have been heart breaking and gut wrenching for me and my family. And as I look around my relatives and friends, they too have had their own ups and downs. But the struggles are real. There are days that you feel like giving up.

These trials in life are but part of our journey. And our little triumphs in spite of those bad days couldn’t have been possible without love.

Love is what keeps us grounded. Humble. Faithful. Prayerful. Grateful. Forgiving. And most of all, together.

In this world, without love, nothing matters.

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