Feckless belligerence

They’re everywhere.

And they show up more frequently now more than ever.

When information technology reshaped the way social media and online news has collaborated with us, some took the shorter road to being a dolt in record time. Oh, I’m not talking about a fundamental political divide here. I’m talking about plain and simple vapid minds who share an obsession with non-intelligent discussion on the “comment” section of a published article – whether it is news or an opinion.

They say that everyone is entitled to make a comment or two. Or an opinion or two. And there is no question about that. Even I, provide a personal opinion or two to socially relevant issues. Nevertheless, when you read the news online, you’ll notice those who practically claim these places as their place of residence. They have a comment for every write-up whether it is OR is not favorable to the administration. Self-opinionated, arrogant, pointless cretins who evoke monosynaptic neuronal discharges have abundantly replicated. They are either die-hard fanatics whose idolatry is beyond comprehension OR they are contemptible keyboard warriors whose fixation on reverence for income is why they do what they do and write what they write.

I don’t agree to everything that is written in the newspapers. Absolute fairness in journalism is a myth. I have encountered paid columnists (and don’t make me go that path because I can single you out) who actually dive into writing for their daily bread. I refuse to call them professionals because they have thrown out the window the very profession of unbiased journalism. They write for the sake of destroying the truth, promote dissent and divisiveness, encourage harassment and violence, and should be ashamed of what they do. There are media outlets whose objectivity in a story is slanted to what they believe is correct, in spite of lapses in accuracy. Their practice is called “envelopment journalism”, due to the fact that they receive money envelopes in exchange for the “Public Relations” promotion they do. I don’t know how and why newspapers even retain them (it’s definitely not due to political advantage. Some news outlets simply need clueless baits.) Yes. Every single newspaper has one or a multitude of them. Bias, after all, is relative.

If there is one thing I have learned in writing, it is how to tell a story. It’s the same when delivering a talk, a lecture, a speech, a campaign…and so on. The master story teller is the one that convinces the audience, which is the more captivating storyline.

When a young boy is diagnosed with leukemia, and his family had to borrow millions to sustain his treatment, the story can be told in a way that tugs at your hearts. A family in need. A suffering that is unnecessary. A miracle in the home.

Yet the same story of the boy with leukemia can be written differently. One from a place of abhorrence and grudges. A broken family due to drugs and poverty. Karma or comeuppance whose time had come.

You can choose the details to fill-in the plot. Because that’s the way the story will sell.

And so, no matter how stories are written, there will always be the feckless belligerent whose values have been eroded by blind veneration. Whose only comment when posted online are self-serving and thoughtless. Whose existence is meaningless because no ounce of kindness is good enough for them. Whatever story is written – good or bad – they only have one agenda. To disrupt social norms.

Feckless belligerence should be attacked head on instead of ignored. There is no place in civil society for them. In the age of information technology, we should learn to educate the impressionable lot who access the internet without the ability to discern what is precise from fraudulent. With so many unskilled at comprehension, the battle is real.

And the prey are plenty.

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